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What is a “Good Ad”?

Several days ago Nyx Callaway posted a question on TRB asking “Ads: Tell me what helps…” This sparked quite a discussion on what was the best approach to writing an effective ad. It was interesting to see the various points of view presented by different hobbyists – as well as the few providers that chimed in. This got me thinking and a day or so later I posted a question: “Ads: Conversely – what is an absolute “no” in an ad?” This further precipitated an extensive discussion. Again, it was absolutely fascinating to see disparate views put forth by people.

What was intriguing is that there seemed to be very little in the way of general consensus on either side. For every person that said they didn’t like too much text, there was someone else that said they really like to get a feel for the provider and preferred they include text. Oh, wait, there was consensus one thing: photos. Almost uniformly, it seems there is a strong preference for current, not photoshopped pics. Although that seems like a fairly obvious inclusion.

Other than that, they replies were all over the map. Tell me about yourself, but don’t talk about yourself too much. Definitely show that you are an upscale provider but don’t give off a vibe of exclusivity because that is off-putting (which I totally get). Don’t tOgGlE your TeXt which is another one I heartily agree with. But be sure to keep your text concise and interesting. Make sure whatever you do write is grammatically correct. Or not. Because (according to some) most guys aren’t going to bother reading it anyways! Like I said, all over the map.

There were a few things that were definite takeaways. The aforementioned non-toggling of text, don’t be a snob, and use good photos. As some of you already know, I write ads for quite a few providers in Seattle and elsewhere. If anyone out there has additional comments to add to this discussion, email me. I am quite interested in hearing what works. What attracts you to one ad and repels you from another? What are your “red flags”? I’d love to hear your opinion.