Esme Wilde

What is there to say about this lovely lady? she is a marine biologist that loves the water (being both on it and in it!) and is all around outdoorsy. this 6′ tall beauty is smart, sexy, and knows all the best ways to have fun! she and i are good friends and we have SO much fun playing together!

Sierra Cirque

Artist, activist, and all around amazing lady – sierra is hard to beat! she is a toned and slender beauty that will “wow” you with both beauty and brains! she and i have been very, ahem, close for several years now. wouldn’t you just love to in between us?!?

Koi Erotica

Koi is a multi-faceted, incredible lady with so many assets i couldn’t possibly list them all here!! she is a strong, dominant, beauty whose striking looks turns heads wherever she goes. she has a wicked sense of humor and absolutely revels in her sensuality. add to that her warmth, huge heart, and jaw dropping body, she is hard to beat!!

Jessie Sparkles

Jessie is my very good friend and long-time duo partner for both the the Voyeur’s Special with a gent and the duo with a bi-male. He is an avid rock climber, an incredible artist, and one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. Additionally, he’s incredibly open, versatile, and has a gift for making people feel at ease.

Kamilla Loreto

Kamilla has legs that go on for miles, incredibly soft skin, eyes that captivate, and a body made for sin. Nevermind that she knows exactly how use that body in all the naughtiest ways!! While Kamilla is based in LA, she travels to Seattle frequently.

Natalie Leight

This petite, sexy lady is all fiery energy and wild abandon! she is a lithe, slinky beauty who can discuss any number of fascinating subjects at length…. while keeping all your other senses engaged. it’s a gift!!! also, those lips…..those baby blues…..