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Portland Bound

Heading south… All the way to Portland. I have made a few quick excursions to the lovely city to the south but haven’t truly spent much time there. I am heading down at the beginning of next week to explore for a few days and visit with my friend, the exceptionally delicious, Poppy Black.

This all began at the behest of a potential client. He resides in Portland but saw my ad, read my website, and decided we had to meet. Thusly, I was enticed to head on down to visit the city of strip clubs, craft cocktails, and food trucks. While I will only be there for a few days, I hope to pack in as much sight-seeing, strip clubbing, and food trucking (is food trucking an actual phrase?!?) as possible. Please email me with suggestions, tips, and advice. With limited time, I want to ensure I hit the best spots!