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Getting this website set up has been a couple of months in the making. I am thrilled to -finally!- have it live. Since my recent move to Seattle, I have worked exclusively through word-of-mouth and referrals. Because I am a full-time graduate student, I simply do not have the time to see a large volume of clients (as it is now, I refer my weekly overflow to either of two lovely ladies). However, as the school year winds down and summer break approaches, my availability has expanded. Hence, the website and the raised profile. This does not mean that I will trade selectiveness for volume. On the contrary, I will continue to be discerning in those I see. I look forward to making new friends while keeping each experience exciting and genuine.

There are many providers out there that list their availability as 24/7. Unfortunately, because of other commitments that take up my time, I am unable to be quite so open. Beginning June 1st, my hours of availability will be Tuesday-Sunday, noon to midnight. Scheduling in advance is much preferred but I do understand that is not always an option. Email me at with your proposed day/time and let’s work something out. I look forward to meeting you!