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Party!! And Party Dress Assistance Required

It seems like only yesterday that I went to my very first TRB party. There was dancing (hello Twinkle Toes!!), laughing, and I met so, so many wonderful people. It was not yesterday. That was back in October at the Halloween party. Time certainly does fly when you are having fun! Now it is already time for the Valentine’s Day party. While Halloween was, of course, a costume party, the V-day party is cocktail dress required. Which, naturally, raises the dilemma of finding the perfect dress. It must be sexy(!!!) yet understated, a head turner yet classy, and appealing without flashing the world my lady parts. Finding such a dress is more difficult than it would seem.

Given my predicament, I would like some help. If you could make your way over to, you will find a wish list under Sol Finer. If you feel very strongly towards a specific dress, you are welcome to just have it shipped to the townhouse (sizes and info are already saved there). Otherwise, please send your opinions/suggestions to Thank you!!