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Bucket List Item – Check!!

On Thursday night I got to check off one of my bucket list items. It was agreed upon before it happened that the event would not be discussed on the boards and it would be kept relatively quiet. However, as the hostess, I feel that gives me some leeway to discuss it very briefly here. Thursday night I hosted my first orgy. And it was a smashing success!!! We have 14 men and 15 women participate. That is really the maximum capacity of the townhouse. In fact, for future events, I think I would cap it at 12 men and 12 women.

We had snacks and wine in the kitchen where the only rule was you could not feed yourself. The dining room table was replaced with a massage table. All the furniture in the living room was pushed to the perimeter and we put a mattress in the center of the room. We opened up the “work bedroom” on the second floor, and also opened up the third floor that consists solely of one large bedroom.

Arrivals were staggered which worked surprisingly well and by 8:30pm, the mattress on the living room floor was a veritable sea of tangled limbs. Others scattered across the various nooks and rooms of the townhouse; we even had a Sybian on the third floor… Which… wow!! That machine got quite a workout. I don’t think there was a lady at the party that didn’t go for a ride!! Since this was my first event, I was nervous that any number of things could go wrong. On the contrary, it was incredible. I can’t recall the last time I had that much fun!!! And, given the thank you notes I received from the clients over the last two days, well I am going to say it was a success across the board. Which of course is great motivation to get planning on my next event!!!!