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Stop Censorship + SOB (Save Our Boards)!

Hey friend! Are you, by any chance, a supporter of free speech? If you are here, I should sure hope so. Do you read, post, write reviews, or maybe just lurk on any boards? If you do, keep reading. If you don’t, know that this could severely impact me and all of my colleagues that you enjoy spending time with so you should keep reading anyway. Plus, free speech. As so many of you know, I have a big mouth. Some of my views are distinctly unpopular. But, just like you, I have the right to express them. Let’s keep it that way.

Briefly and from the EFF Action website:

“There’s a new bill in Congress that would threaten your right to free expression online. If that weren’t enough, it could also put small Internet businesses in danger of catastrophic litigation.”

Don’t let the name fool you: the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) wouldn’t help punish sex traffickers. What it would do is expose the Internet content platforms that we all rely on every day to the risk of overwhelming criminal and civil liability for their actions.

SESTA would erode one of the most important laws protecting free expression online. Under current law, an intermediary (like a social media platform or a message board) can’t be held legally responsible for the content created by its users for purposes of enforcing certain laws affecting speech online.

SESTA would extend more criminal and civil liability for sex trafficking to content platforms, thus making opening or running such a platform an extremely dangerous venture. The law would affect any company, organization, or individual that hosts content created by someone else on the Internet: social media sites, photo and video-sharing apps, newspaper comment sections, and even community mailing lists. Small Internet startups would become vulnerable to extremely costly legal threats. So would web platforms run by nonprofit and community groups, which serve as invaluable outlets for free expression and knowledge sharing.”

Please copy and paste the link below to automatically send emails to all your reps. Simply enter your name/address and it will contact your representatives with a strongly worded email demanding they NOT support this bill. It takes approximately 15 seconds to do. Thank you!!