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The Best Weekend – San Francisco

Like most people, I am a fan of weekend getaways. Quick jaunts to Portland, perhaps a long weekend in Hawaii, or even staying in-state and heading to the Peninsula. Anywhere to get out of Seattle, explore, and have some fun! This past weekend it was San Francisco. The exceptionally lovely Ariel Capri was kind enough to allow me to stay at her space in Pacific Heights. Lucky me!! I walked in the front door and kept walking straight to the wall of windows that overlook San Francisco bay. Wow – the view was stunning!! I must have stood there looking out the windows for at least five minutes. I was not the only one taken aback by the view either – every, single person that came into the apartment for the duration of my stay made mention of it.
However, as beautiful as the view from the apartment was, there was much to be done and seen in the city! In addition to making some wonderful new friends, I got the chance to spend some time at City Lights Booksellers. In fact, the problem was getting me to leave City Lights! As convenient as a Kindle is, there is no replacement for having a book in your hand. The heft of it, the smell of ink on the pages, and pleasure you get from re-reading a beloved copy… all irreplaceable by a screen. My luggage was heavier by a number of hardcovers on my return to Seattle. There was also a delicious dinner at Saison. I would highly recommend it, should you find yourself in SF anytime soon. And drinks at Absinthe where I got to reunite with a fellow Bostonian!! We compared the difficulty of parking cars in San Francisco vs Boston. Although it actually sounded more like: we comp-aired how it’s wicked hahhhd to find pahhking he-yah versus Bawston. In truth that isn’t exactly accurate either. It is a formidable challenge to write a Boston accent! The last bit of my free time was spent wandering the streets gawking (like a tourist!!) at all the beautifully restored Victorian homes. There are so many and in so many colors! It was such an amazing weekend. A huge thank you to all the friends, both new and old, that made me feel so welcome! Whenever I travel, it seems I come home with the same complaint: not enough time! Which just means I will have to go back!!