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Lingerie Wishes, Louboutin Dreams and…

At the request of a favored client, I have updated my wish lists. As I have mentioned previously, I was a bit conflicted even posting these… My clients give so much to me already, I am uncomfortable setting an expectation of more. Please, please know there are absolutely no expectations here. I acknowledge that there are some folks that enjoy bestowing their friends with gifts that are of a tangible nature. As a person like that myself, I understand the motivation. However, there are people that choose to express themselves in other ways. I appreciate that equally.

Now that we have cleared that up… Feel free to peruse my wish list at Net-A-Porter: I love this site. Absolutely everything on it simultaneously makes me swoon and makes me giggle at the absurdity of it. $30 for nail polish – who doesn’t pay that?! $390 for a pair on underwear – naturally!! But, also, hot damn do they have some SEXY lingerie. La Perla, Agent Provocateur, and Carine Gilson… They have, in all seriousness, an Agent Provocateur playsuit for $3990. See how they did that?? It isn’t $4000 so it is totally a reasonable price. What’s worse is: I want it. Badly. Then they have the La Perla neoprene bra for $1460. Scuba couture – who knew?? And the shoes – where is my fainting couch?? Just. So. Sexy.

Wait for it, ahh… here it is: my nerdy side emerges. You can find that at: I love books. And summer break is my time to fly through as many as possible before I return to a reading list that is oriented around 17-century epic poetry. To be clear, I prefer the used books that cost $0.01. Trees are great; the less we cut down the better. Thusly, no need for new books.

And this concludes our consumer moment. Our return to sexy programming is imminent!