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Par for the Course and Merry Merry

Everyone has bad experiences in this industry. That’s on both sides: provider and client. It is just kind of par for the course. Except, I have never really had a bad experience. Until, that is, just the other day. And, really, on the scale of bad experiences, this one is very, very minor. It turned out that a potential client had wasted a tremendous amount of my time (time I don’t really have…. Thesis, will write yourself? No? I didn’t think so.).

That was really it. There were many emails back and forth – he was, admittedly new to the hobby. After the initial screening process, most read something like: Are you free now? me: No. Are you free in an hour? me: No. I explained to him a number of times that approach rarely works with me and he really needed to make an appointment. Finally, he did. And then blew it off.

I am not sure if clients understand the preparations we go through for an appointment. And if you would prefer it remain a mystery, by all means, skip to the next paragraph. I need to get over to my incall, shower, shave my legs, attempt to tame my unruly hair, make-up, set up the towel warmer, light candles, music, etc. Each of these is only a few minutes but all together I usually arrive at my incall an hour or an hour and a half before my client is scheduled to show up. Also, I try to be ready about ten minutes before the scheduled time just in case they are early.

So not only was time wasted on the emails but then about two hours of my day was wasted on getting “all dressed up with no place to go.” Two hours during the week before Christmas when I can assure you I have a to-do list that is a mile long. Annnnd I will stop complaining now.

Because what happened after really blew me away. I sent out an email to the provider network (in Seattle, we are a very tight community) that included this gentleman’s info. I mentioned he did not seem like a bad guy but, in light of the wasted time, I would suggest any girl he contacts to get a non-refundable deposit from him prior to an appointment. If I can save one gal all the wasted time and hassle I went through, well, then it’s all good.

The response from the women in Seattle…. amazing. It warmed my heart. Almost every single girl I emailed responded with a thank you and some wonderfully kind words. These girls, superficially, are my competition. However, I don’t view it that way. Seattle is a big city and there is work enough for all of us. It is incredible that so many of my co-workers share this view and instead of competing, we work together to keep each other safe and informed. Nevermind the outpouring of compassion – I got so many, “I’m glad you are ok.” emails I thought my eyes were going to start leaking.

In this season of holiday cheer, I would like to wish each and every one of you a very happy holiday!! I hope your days are filled with love, laughter, and warmth. Merry merry!!!