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One More Time With Feeling

Last Thursday marked the latest in a string of super successful parties. And by “parties” I mean orgies. It was a testament to the thriving libidos of our fine Seattlites (and visiting friends) that we partied on in spite of all the madness of the last few weeks. Although since none of the participants were Asian or trafficked, it seems we don’t meet the SPD criteria for needing to be “saved” – thank goodness!! We did have a few ladies that declined to participate for fear of men in SWAT uniforms bursting through the doors. Alas, no such luck (who doesn’t love a man in uniform?!?). The party was nothing short of a huge fucking success. Emphasis on fucking.

We had rented an amazing six-bedroom house in Capitol Hill that came complete with an eight-person jacuzzi. The space was gorgeous and seemed tailor made for our debauchery. There was a large kitchen/living room that, at one point, was just a thriving, writhing mass of bodies. The voyeur in me loved it. Of course the participant in me meant that I only got to watch for a minute or two before diving in, er, face first. I am pretty sure my face landed somewhere between Raven’s thighs but, you know, bodies get blurry when there are that many!! We also got so very lucky in having the absolutely gorgeous Danielle as our in-house FBSM girl for the evening. Not only does she have exceptionally talented hands but, well, let’s just say she really got into the spirit of things!! And our gents – wow. We had such an amazing group of guys at this party. It was incredible. Hats off to Old Cowboy who at 91-years young was an absolute stud. When I grow up, I want to be him!!

These parties are very much a labor of love for me. It takes tremendous planning and a huge amount of time/energy/endless emails to make everything (ahem!) come together. But then once it is the night of the party-it is all so very worth it! Until next time…