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Bucket List Post – Addendum

Oh man… thoughtless jerk here. You may be (not at all) surprised to hear that I did not pull this orgy off all by myself. It is incredibly important to note that an event of this scale and complexity did not happen with a simple twitch of the nose. A HUGE thank you goes out to the many people that helped. There were folks that fielded my initial calls when I had no idea how to even begin planning an orgy, the people that helped with logistics and those that showed up early to help set up and stayed late to help clean up.

While there are too many people to mention every single one, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge several that went above and beyond: Savannah Sly for being my initial go-to; Arch for throwing idea after idea at me and making me think, think, think of so many things (I’m sad you couldn’t join us since you had so many ideas that were helpful in putting the whole thing together!!); Sola Love – brought not only a massage table and a Sybian but also her expertise, advice, masks, heated massage oils, extra linens, I could go on…. oh, AND her luscious body; Charles for being one of my very first brainstorming partners who gave me much invaluable advice; and Raven who came through day-of with extra masks, paper goods, and she was also kind enough to bring along her smoking hot bod – yowza!!! Tyler, house mom extraordinaire and whom Samantha Maddox dubbed the “ninja lube fairy”: he was everywhere he needed to be all night long making sure there were always condoms, lube, towels, bottles of water, and whatever was needed wherever it was needed at the exact moment someone realized they needed it. That kind of incredible timing must be a superpower, right? I mean he was the only person on all three floors that was fully dressed (by some point he was the only person on three floors with a stitch of clothing on!) and yet he remained completely unobtrusive. And, finally, this event seriously would not have happened without the help of my other half, the yin to my yang, the tall to my short, the blond to my brunette, my incall mate and my partner in crime: Lauren Love. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! My friends rock!!!!