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A Week of Firsts

What a very exciting week this has been and it’s only Tuesday! Thus far, two very interesting things have occurred. First, I received my first review on TER. For those interested in reading it, please check it out here:

It is very helpful reading for anyone interested in meeting with me as it includes a fairly comprehensive list of the services of I offer. As well as those that I don’t… It was written by one of my very first clients ever in Seattle. He is a gentleman that knows me well and whom I absolutely adore. After reading the review myself, I feel it is quite accurate and should definitely be viewed by anyone interested in scheduling time with me.

Second, I posted my first Eros ad. This is my first foray into really “putting myself out there” and I have had a terrific response. If you have responded to the ad but not heard back from me, please be patient. As I have mentioned before, my time is limited and the response has been greater than I could ever have anticipated. Given that I see very few clients per week and everyone needs to be screened, etc. I am working my way through emails as quickly as time allows.

In the weeks to come I anticipate more exciting news will be forthcoming so pleased do stay tuned. xo-sol