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The Big Move

It’s been a long time coming… but we’re moved. As many of you know, I share an incall with two absolutely lovely ladies: Jackie Fine and Lauren Love. And, after a rather arduous search, we have found a fantastic new incall. There are a couple of pros and several cons to our former incall. Among the pros: the location and the complete lack of concern/interest at pretty much any activity from the neighbors. The con list is a bit more lengthy: parking is difficult, the exterior of the building is a disaster and even the entryway and stairs are not maintained, the property management company is a nightmare… I could go on.

The question everyone is asking is, of course, where did we go? And the answer is (drumroll please): Capitol Hill!! Yup. We have moved approximately 1/2 mile away. Technically we are on the border of Cap Hill and the CD. It seems we are too Capitol Hill to be the actual Central District but some people call the area Mount Baker but even then we are still on the Cap Hill side of what would be Mt. Baker… oh man!! The multitude of neighborhoods in Seattle makes my head spin!! Regardless of what it is called, our new location has many wonderful amenities not the least of which is ample (well, ample for Capitol Hill) free street parking.

Our super swank new digs include: hardwood floors, washer/dryer in the townhouse, a patio and square footage that is roughly three times the size of the old space. Oh, and the landlord is super, super awesome! The dearth of crazy people rocking themselves in the fetal position on the front steps is just the cherry on top.