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Do you like what you do for work?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: I am offering a service and clients understand that they purchase my time. I work of my own volition as an independent provider. I report to no one, have neither boss nor bureaucracy to deal with, create my own schedule as companion to my revolving academic calendar… what’s not like? Initially I was attracted to this more out of curiosity than anything else. I am naturally inquisitive and, while I had plenty of experience, I felt like there was just… more out there. A little over a year ago I had ended a long-term relationship, moved across the country and begun work on an advanced degree. It was a paradigm shift in my world in so many ways.

To be clear, I was never starved for attention or intimacy; on the contrary, I had, had plenty of sex. Lots of good sex. Some great sex. And the occasional mind-blowing orgasm thrown in there for good measure. Although in all truth, I have always been a fan of quality over quantity so while I had lots of sex, it was with very few people. My point is, there was More, I just knew it. And I wanted in. My personality leans towards empathic and I’ve always enjoyed giving people pleasure. It didn’t seem like an outrageous idea to begin work as a provider – in equal measure to give others pleasure and explore my own sexuality. As a single female in my almost 30s, I wanted to push my own boundaries – heck, I wasn’t even sure what my boundaries were! And, while some scream about the dangers of this industry (which are very real – safety is not be taken lightly), it seemed like working in my own controlled environment with clients that were screened/verified was a safer bet than randomly taking home strangers from bars to help me figure out what I liked. Moreover, self-selecting seemed to defeat the purpose of my expedition.

I can say with 100% honestly that I have never regretted my decision. The butterflies before meeting a client for the first time; the mystery of what is on the other side of the door; the initial engagement; the chemistry of elements to create intense physical and emotional joy; post-coital chatter when the walls are down and the normal societal enforced sense of decorum is absent and honesty is present; interacting with people of all ages, races, and physical proportions; finding out that what turns me on in my head isn’t always what makes my toes curl in real life – or sometimes finding out it is… Above all else, the people that I’ve met have changed my life – and not just in the bedroom. These are people that I never in a million years would have met if not for the hobby. Men and women that I have come to trust and value as friends and partners – it makes me so grateful. I feel incredibly lucky and try very hard not to take my life for granted.

Yes. The answer is: yes, I very much like what I do for work.