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About Last Night

People ask me about Revel all the time. They want to know ALL the details. Who was there? What happened? Two girls at once? Three?¬†What¬†happened in the jacuzzi?!?! The libertines like to know they have company in their debauchery!!! Unfortunately, it’s difficult to encapsulate an event like Revel in a few words (as any of the attendees can attest!). It’s an experience. Each one is unique. And amazing. Last night was all of those things and more. There are times when everything just gels. The people ‘click’ and the energy…. the energy is out of control. Last night was that night. So much so that the inviolable no camera rule was broken for the above pic. It was taken at the end of the evening, at the close of an all ladies romp in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It began with four ladies but that number quickly increased to culminate in a sweaty, bed shaking, sheet shredding, carnival of entwined limbs. Oh man!! This, this is the stuff that fantasies are made of!! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For everyone that asks me about Revel, see above pic.

Ok, sybarites, until the spring party….