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East Coast Visit

Just last week I returned from a near two-week trip back east. It was wonderful. I got to see friends and family. I got to travel with friends (Avani Faye and Chloe May were my delightful travel companions for this adventure). I got to work in cities that I have never previously worked in.

The majority of my time was spent in New York City. I stayed at a marvelous midtown hotel that a client had recommended: Radio City Apartments. For providers out there, normally when travelling I use airbnb, but in NYC, this place was perfect. It was like it was made for providers. The room I had was actually an apartment with a kitchen, dining and seating areas, large bathroom, and a separate bedroom. The hotel is super high volume and there is no late-night guest check-in. There are also not cameras in the halls. Like I said, made for providers! One feature that proved helpful is that it is fully handicapped accessible. Which turned out to be useful as I had one client in a wheelchair (Hi C.!! It was an absolute pleasure!).

It wasn’t all work and no play either. Chloe and I went to see the Book of Mormon on Broadway – hysterical and highly recommended! One afternoon I wandered down to the Math Museum (MoMath). Make jokes at your leisure about how I go to museums devoted to math in my free time. In large part it is geared to kids. However, there were some incredibly interesting and complex exhibits. The curators did a phenomenal job making these interesting and understandable. Let’s be real, it is not an easy feat to make math exciting! I would, in all sincerity, recommend checking it out. Since I have a wild side too(!), Avani and I hit Rick’s Cabaret to check out New York’s lovely ladies. We also crashed a very posh, private party on the rooftop nightclub of a very fancy hotel.

Alas all fun must come to an end. Thankfully I went out with a bang! My last night in NYC a couple sent car service to take me ~20 minutes outside the city to meet them at their lovely home for a threesome. I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect… I shouldn’t have been. The gorgeous woman that opened the door had my head spinning with a hello kiss. Needless to say, the night was amazing. After that, it was back to the hotel to pack and off to the airport the next morning. It is always fun to get away but it took this trip to make me realize that I have truly come to think of Seattle as home.