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I’m not the first girl to say this and certainly won’t be the last: I really love my job. It is my escape. So much of my time is dedicated to schoolwork that my three clients a week are the times I look forward to most. It is my opportunity to turn my brain off and turn my senses on. Instead of worrying about primary source material, I get to explore, tease, tantalize, give and receive pleasure… it is absolute heaven. Seriously.

The other day there was a small incident that caused some literal fireworks. Now, normally I prefer the fireworks to be of the erotic kind. As in: “Sol, you blew my mind! I swear it was like the Fourth of July!!” However, last week a very different incident occurred. It happened when a client was using his exceptionally talented mouth on me. In my writhing, my head had somehow gotten mushed into the top of the bed and was under a pillow. In the throes of, well, orgasmic ecstasy, I threw the offending pillow out of my way. And, unbeknownst to me, directly onto the nightstand which just happened to have several lit candles on it. The pillow went up in flames. Thankfully, my quick thinking client grabbed the pillow and stomped it out. The rescue was not without injury – his hand suffered several small burn marks. And, wow, did I feel bad. I mean, it is definitely a compliment to any man that a woman can be so distracted by his oral skills that a flaming pillow doesn’t even register. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his quick thinking and for, quite literally, saving the day. My hero!

We took a short break to apply burn cream and clean up the detritus of the fire. Then I felt it was my duty to make sure the said client knew just how appreciative I was of his efforts. And I am pretty sure he did 😉 However, I would just like to again say to this person – thank you!! Not only for the spectacular oral skills but also for the quick thinking!! And, as I told him, I look forward to making it up to him again and again in a future meeting. I take my apologies very seriously!!