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Penis Extenders and Scrotox

There are tons of women’s magazines, beauty blogs, and shows about women’s beauty. The products, the regimen, the torture, and so on. However, I came across an article on Vice about penis extenders. In the midst of the article were two videos. One was the video ad for the aforementioned penis extenders and the second featured Scrotox. Don’t know what Scrotox is? I didn’t either. It is Botox for men’s scrotums. Seriously.

There’s a lot to unpack in the above paragraph. Let’s start with penis extenders. As if the millions of “magic pills” that allegedly enlarge your penis weren’t enough, now there is a physical device that claims to enlarge a man’s penis by up to 35%. I wonder if there will ever be time when we evolve enough to stop with the penile enlargement stuff. Here’s the thing: I don’t want you to have a monstrous cock. All that means is you are going to be pounding against my cervix. That is uncomfortable, if not outright painful, for me. And, actually, for you too since you will just be banging against the tip of my IUD. As I understand it, that sucker is rather prickly. The net result: everybody is unhappy. My suggestion is to be happy with what genetics gave you. If you are looking for an area to improve, try for technique. That will make all parties participating much more orgasmic!! Learn what makes your partner pant, tremble, and beg for more. I can guarantee you it is not an 12″ cock.

Now Scrotox…. this is too much. Or perhaps because I don’t have testicles I don’t understand the urge to Botox them. Perhaps there are tons of men out there that feel terribly self-conscious about the appearance of their balls. They have spent years yearning for smoother, larger looking testicles and Scrotox is the answer to their prayers. Scrotox claims to smooth out wrinkles, and make the testicles appear both more descended and larger. Though I feel this way about pretty much any beauty treatment that involves jamming needles into your body, I have to ask… is this really necessary? First world problems, for sure. According the video on Vice, the Scrotox worked and the test subject claimed he was happy with the results. This just make me more curious. If anyone has had this treatment, I would like to hear about it. I am fascinated by the motivation and the outcome. Does smoother testicles make you more confident in bed? Is it strictly a mental boost? Or is it as silly as I imagine? No women  I know would be so delighted with a man’s smoother balls that it makes her come. In fact, most women are pretty indifferent to testicles. I mean they may be fun to play with for a minute or two but they definitely are not the main attraction!!