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Sad News

This is, for better or worse, an ephemeral business. Girls come and go all the time. Girls travel. Girls retire. Then un-retire. It is an aspect of the business that just… is. Another aspect, again, for better or worse, is drugs. The prevalence of drug use among pros is sadly quite high (…pun not intended). In my experience, usage runs the gamut. There are casual pot smokers to girls that work solely to support their habits. As someone that doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t do any drugs, I don’t have a strong grasp on the “whys” of using. I just know it exists.

The dangers of this use came to slap me in the face just recently when I found out about the death of a friend, Morgan. For those of you that knew her, she was a charming firecracker of a girl. And I do not mean this to be a panegyric for her. This is more of a remembrance of a good person that fought and lost a difficult battle. She wasn’t perfect. She was messy, disorganized, and often forgetful. But more than that she was caring, kind, and loyal. We had not known each other long but I sincerely hope she is at peace.