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Give to the Review Board Defense Fund

Did you know that a couple of the gentlemen arrested in the john-shaming, hubris-filled, and exaggerated TRB arrests have chosen to fight back? Instead of allowing the Seattle prosecutor’s office to streamroll them with threats of additional charges and being put on the sex offenders registry(???? For writing a review of an hour between two consenting adults!), these brave souls have lawyered up and are ready to fight. Here’s the thing: it’s expensive. We would like them to know the community is here both in spirit and monetarily. Please see the note below to find out how you can contribute. If you are not comfortable donating online, I am happy to meet up with you to pick up a donation, ensure it gets to the right hands, and that you remain completely anonymous. The results of these cases could impact our community tremendously. Please read and please, please, please help if you are able. Thank you!!!

You’ve read about Seattle’s Review Board cases in our December 13 and 14 “News and Updates” posts, and Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s articles in Reason magazine about the serial arrests of men who posted online notes about consenting call girls and are now being charged with “promoting prostitution” – a felony.

Now you can do something about this! You can contribute to the defense of two of these defendants who have bravely refused to settle with the prosecutors and have chosen to stand and fight.

Copy/paste the link below to learn more, and to contribute whatever you’re able to their defense:
Give to the Review Board defense