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#LoveWins and Happy Pride!!

Some pretty intense personal issues have kept me from working much the last week or so but there are a couple of things that absolutely require noting. The first is the Supreme Court’s landmark ruing for marriage equality. #LoveWins. Clicking through the New York Times slideshow of photos brought tears to my eyes. It was edifying to see folks that have been together for decades, finally, getting to apply for marriage licenses. These are people that when they first met (one of the couples had been together for over 50 years) would have been in hiding. Living lives filled with shame, guilt, and called perverts – or much, much worse.

Yet they persevered. They believed in each other, their love, and that the close-minded people around them would eventually come to accept them as equals. And, even if the world shunned them, they had each other. Thankfully we evolve. Social stigmas fade. The apocryphal sophistry of homosexual equating to pedophile became something that only the most close-minded of bigots would perpetuate. Finger pointing was replaced by insouciance. The majority of people simply stopped caring what happened behind the closed doors of the two attractive men that live in the exceptionally well-appointed one-bedroom apartment down the hall.

Don’t get me wrong. All is not peaches and cream in the world. Anyone that read Scalia’s execrable dissent on the vote knows there is still a long way to go for true, true equality. But, in this moment, on this weekend, there is more than enough to celebrate. It is Pride and there is a parade and parties… and so many people have a real reason to celebrate. As well they should. Happy Pride!!!!